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What Is DystopiART?
What Is DystopiART?

In short I'm a freelance artist and web designer based in the Brighton & Hove area of East Sussex, UK.
Why DystopiART? I have an extensive arts background but ended up doing that cliche of taking unrelated work for the money and then hitting thirty and deciding that I'd had enough of pointless jobs and needed to focus on a more fulfilling career, so with that DystopiART was born, somewhere that i can pool my varied creative skills and experience into a coherant entity.
Within a year it was time to make the permanant push into full self employment- and i havent looked back since.

Web & Graphic Design

Responsive web design, specialising in hand coded sites in HTML5 & CSS3 with Javascript, JQuery, PHP.
I will also custom adapt Content Management Systems (wordpress, joomla, drupal etc) if that is the most appropriate method for your project.
Adept with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, your photos will be made their best and optimised for the web, you can have vector images and art designed to your specification for any level of project.
Being an independant allows me to give a personal service with a flexible approach, so I can package bespoke solutions that are also cost effecient.


What kind of art do you make? A weirldy difficult ask.
Over the years I have studied sculpture, fine art, 2d design, 3d design, glass making, photography, carving, casting, textiles, costume design and more!
So basically I like to work with a very mixed range of materials, and will use whatever medium would suit an idea and make it possible.
I've pooled a selection of artworks together, but I am always more interested in making new pieces and exploring new mediums so get in touch if you have a concept you want to discuss or commission.


Well at some point there will be- I seem to have strangely little time to myself for a freelancer, which was kind of the opposite of what i thought would happen... certainly no complaints though.
So, at some point soonish you could be regaled with strange fiction or incoherant rambling at your leisure by visiting the dystopiart blog I'll also put in some works in progress so you can see how some of the art pieces are put together, in the mean time you can get an indication of some of my mind workings, witterings or peek at the curiosities that entertain me by following my twitters.


Latest Creative Works

"Facehugger" Cake

In space no one can hear you scream...it is also highly inadvisable to find yourself alone in the vacuum of space with just the species consuming xenomorphs for company—but apparently these things happen.
Anyhoo, this celebration cake has a melted chocolate shell visor over a dome of coffee frosting with a rather tasty chocolate and coffee cake within.

Being a fan of creative diversity I have had occasion to turn my hand to many mediums, so this isn't my first venture into crazy themed cake territory.
From my perspective its a fleeting, edible, sculpture and if I can bring some art and a bit of crazy to the table I'm happy.

Check out some previous cake exploits.